“Steeped in Romanity” — Fr. Victor-Alain Berto

Articles written, translated or selected by John S. Daly

The guiding star of this site is fidelity to Rome.

From torrid south to frozen north,
The wave harmonious stretches forth,
Yet strikes no chord more true to Rome’s,
Than rings within our hearts and homes.
Cardinal Wiseman

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Here are a few books not currently available in English but which could surely do great good if they were translated:

  • Cardinal Billot: De Ecclesia (“On the Church”)
  • Cardinal Billot: De Immutabilitate Traditionis Contra Modernam Haeresim Evolutionismi (“On the Immutability of Tradition Against the Modern Heresy of Evolutionism”)
  • Cardinal Lépicier: De Stabilitate et Progressu Dogmatis (“On the Stability and Progress of Dogma”)
  • Dom Guéranger: Jesus Christ, King of History (“Jesus Christ, King of History”)
  • Dom Gréa, De l’Église et de sa Divine Constitution (“The Church and its Divine Constitution”)
  • Dom Delatte, Vie de Dom Guéranger (“Life of Dom Guéranger”)

Note that our translations are of professional quality. The sure test of a good translation is that the reader should hardly notice he is reading a translation at all. Sadly, this cannot be said of some recent amateurish attempts to translate Catholic classics into English. The results are stilted and painful to read and after struggling with the text the reader often remains unsure of what the original author really meant. Our translations are guaranteed to be as clear as the original.

If enough readers express interest in contributing to the translation of one of the above books, a crowdfunding site will be set up for that purpose. If you are potentially interested in participating in one of these projects, please contact us.