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From torrid south to frozen north,
The wave harmonious stretches forth,
Yet strikes no chord more true to Rome’s,
Than rings within our hearts and homes.
Cardinal Wiseman

The Chronicle of Saint Antony of Padua

Father H. J. Coleridge S.J.$15.99

The Chronicle of Saint Antony of Padua Saint Antony has won the hearts of millions of Catholics the world over : we love him for his goodness, his miracles, his devotion to the Christ-Child, but above all his readiness to answer all our prayers even for our humble temporal needs, and famously for helping us find things we have lost. But how much do we know about him ? Father Coleridge’s life of Saint Antony of Padua is highly readable and historically reliable. Based on the ancient Franciscan chronicles it recounts Saint Antony’s miracles with devotion and without scepticism. It will help every reader come to know better the wonder-worker whose statue or image is found in every church and so many homes.

Tags: Padua, Saint Antony, Saints
Width: 6
Height: 9
Weight: 0.72 lb
Number of pages: 182
Date of publication: June 13, 2009
Binding: Perfect-bound Paperback
Interior ink: Black & white
ISBN: 9782917813188