“Steeped in Romanity” — Fr. Victor-Alain Berto

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The guiding star of this site is fidelity to Rome.

From torrid south to frozen north,
The wave harmonious stretches forth,
Yet strikes no chord more true to Rome’s,
Than rings within our hearts and homes.
Cardinal Wiseman

The Catholic Fireside Companion

Catholic Writers of the Past$19.95

11 - The Catholic Fireside Companion (154 pages) The Catholic Fireside Companion is an anthology of delightful and inspiring anecdotes which first saw the light of day in 1858 — the year of the apparitions of Our Blessed Lady at Lourdes. It is the pleasantest sort of book : every tale it contains is short and easy to read but sure to charm and edify. Whether you keep it by your fireside or your bedside, whether you read it alone or aloud to a family group, you can be sure that it will afford pleasure and usefulness for any quiet moment and can be read and re-read without fatigue. An ideal present for Christmas or any special occasion.

Tags: Catholic stories, ideal gift, religious anecdotes
Width: 6
Height: 9
Weight: 0.63 lb
Number of pages: 154
Date of publication: November 21, 2010
Binding: Perfect-bound Paperback
Interior ink: Black & white
ISBN: 9782917813270