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Cardinal Wiseman

The Truth of Papal Claims

Raphael Cardinal Merry del Val$17.50

The Truth of Papal Claims Did Christ found His Church on St. Peter ? Was Peter prince of the Apostles and visible head of the Church ? Was he infallible in his doctrinal teaching ? Had he the power to make laws that bind all Christians ? Was he the first bishop of Rome ? Were his privileges communicated by divine law to succeeding Roman Pontiffs ? Is there a consensus on the answer to these questions discernible in the New Testament and in the Early Fathers and Councils ? No one could be better qualified than Cardinal Merry del Val (1865-1930) to answer these questions. Distinguished for his learning and holiness, he was selected by Pope St. Pius X as his right hand man and spent his adult life in the most senior Vatican posts. This book, written in reply to Protestant propaganda, effortlessly sweeps away errors and misunderstandings leaving the truth plain to any sincere reader. It quotes all the major sources of the early centuries. An ideal book to instruct Catholics or convert Protestants.

Tags: papacy, papal claims, popes, roman catholicism
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