“Steeped in Romanity” — Fr. Victor-Alain Berto

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From torrid south to frozen north,
The wave harmonious stretches forth,
Yet strikes no chord more true to Rome’s,
Than rings within our hearts and homes.
Cardinal Wiseman

The Anchorhold


The Anchorhold This re-edition of Enid Maud Dinnis's classic tale of the noblest form of chivalry - the combat of grace against self-love - against a backdrop of authentic mediaeval colour is full of interest, insight and humour. It will delight readers of all ages.

Tags: anchorite, chivalry, Hermit, spiritual combat
Width: 6
Height: 9
Weight: 0.61 lb
Number of pages: 148
Date of publication: January 21, 2013
Binding: Perfect-bound Paperback
Interior ink: Black & white
ISBN: 9782917813461