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From torrid south to frozen north,
The wave harmonious stretches forth,
Yet strikes no chord more true to Rome’s,
Than rings within our hearts and homes.
Cardinal Wiseman

General de Sonis

Mgr. Louis Baunard$24.95

General de Sonis General Gaston de Sonis (1825-1887) was one of France’s most distinguished soldiers of the nineteenth century. He displayed outstanding skill and valour on the battlefields of Algeria, Italy and in the Franco-Prussian war in which he lost a leg, but saved the honour of a defeated nation. An exemplary father of twelve children, he was also a warrior of the Sacred Heart, ennobled by Pope Leo XIII and the cause of whose canonisation is pending at Rome. Lying close to death upon the battlefield of Loigny in 1870 he received signal graces and light from Our Lady. This book tells his inspiring story.

Tags: Christian hero, Christian soldier, uncanonized saint
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Number of pages: 264
Date of publication: August 13, 2015
Binding: Perfect-bound Paperback
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ISBN: 9782917813508